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Another Band bites the dust.

Posted in Atlanta's The Futurists Break up. by Dom Brady on March 29, 2008

I can’t believe this.
I really did like The Futurists. They were on a No Doze/ New Music music as an Atlanta band making some great music last year. Well, they’d decided to part ways. First Deerhunter, now this. I’m not a happy camper at all.

The Futurists On Interminable Hiatus:

I’m sure many of you who still check up on us know that we have been very dormant this year. The begining of this year brought much change in the Futurists family and we have decided to slipt ways. All of us still plan on creating music in some form or fasion, and you will probably see some of us still collaborating outside of The Futurists. At least for now, we could just not carry on making the music we were. We all needed to break free and start new. We appreciate any and all support that people have given us in past years, and we hope that in new projects and new material that we can soon bring you newly evoled music. Please check back for we will inform you of any new music that Futurists’ members put out. As of now you can check out Matt D’s new project under http://www.myspace.com/verlaineband.

To all who helped us,
We thank you.

-The Futurists
John, Matt Matt, Debu, and Shane.

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