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Posted in A3C Indie Hip Hop Fest review. by Dom Brady on March 25, 2008

I’m still sick as a dog. I have not uploaded ANY video from A3C. I suppose I might in the near future, but again…I’m sick as a dog. I don’t know what I’m going to tell my professors. Let’s talk about A3C and last weekend as a whole. I’m going to start with what probably holds the least interest for my audience only because it is a nice segue into A3C. A-town day nearly slipped my mind this year. I was initially going to go because I’m a huge B.o.B fan and I wanted to see him perform. In the craze that was A3C weekend, however, I forgot about it. Luckily for me a local drummer friend of mine Ali Warren, who just so happens to be the baddest drummer I’ve ever seen from Atlanta, reminded me. Ali was performing with two acts on A-town Day: ATL MC HEED and an East-Atlanta based “Ghetto”-Rock band called The Stereophones. Both shows were off the chain. A-town day is supposed to be about famiy and increased awareness about community issues. What it was mostly about for me on Saturday was the random scattered arse darting about Turner Field. I could lie to you and say it was about something else, but it really wasn’t. Most of music offered at the event was not the sort of music that I would want my mother, father, grandmother or children to be subjected to. I did notice a few families walk to within ear shot of the gates and turn right back around. After being there for a few hours and walking around I didn’t notice any strong message being sent either apart from the marquee above the main stage mentioning awareness. There were lots of vendor booths selling everything from fried fish sammiches to shea butter but the strongest theme I will say with any degree of certainty was “Hustle”. Lots of local artists, producers and talent scouts and their teams of scantily clad women were handing out CD’s, fliers and business cards. Hey, again, I’m married but I’m not blind. I won’t for one second complain about the scantily clad women, astagfrillah. The lack if diversity in the music presented was also disconcerting. There just wasn’t much more than crunk music most of the evening. I did enjoy a few of the artists, but this is ATLANTA. With ALL the ‘urban’ (read as Black) talent we have here, that’s all that could be mustered? Disappointing. I quickly became bored and shortly went home. What wasn’t disappointing was B.o.B’s performance. The crowd wasn’t warm to him at first, but his energy demanded respect and crowd participation. The confidence on display by himself and Playboi Tre was infectious. One couldn’t help but chant the lyrics to “Haterz” which was very different from his performance at A3C later on that night, as we’ll get into later.
A3C began on a Thursday as ussual. Traditionally, Thursdays are the weakest night at A3C. It’s not the weakest because of the artists performing. It’s normally weak because most people aren’t going to go out on a Thursday night for 4 to 5 hours and go to work the next morning. It’s normally dominated by college students and the like. That wasn’t the case this year. It was packed out. The energy this Thursday was amazing. Normally in Atlanta the club or the event doesn’t start jumping until about 11:45 pm at the earliest or 1am. Thursday’s crowd was hype at 9:30 pm. I was blown away. I’ve never seen this before. Wale’s set was amazing. The man is a bonafide star. He brought a live band and a singer as his hype man. It was tremendous. He won over a crowd that obviously was not familiar with his music. Little Brother was on point as usual. We come to expect this from Darien Brockington aka D-Brock and Little Brother every time they set foot in the A-town (Big Pooh not pictured as an inside joke to folk who know he’s always slighted). In Vinyl, Dj Rob Wonder kept the party rocking while ATL MC’s Mojo Swagger and Dillon Maurer moved the crowd. I missed Del the Fucky Homosapien because some FOOL spilled their beer all on my camera. I had to rush home to see if I could keep it from dying on me. I did, however, catch Jeru the Damaja. Wow. I have heard that his shows were horrible. Well, not Thursday it wasn’t. He was HILARIOUS. He also did all the jams I came to love over the years. Friday night was just crazy. The Breakdancing, The Fashion Show and then the acts that played? I was overwhelmed. First of all, Collective Efforts is one of my favorite bands ever. Period. They added a few background singers and made the band a permanent part of their routine. It was fire. Btw, that’s MC Jmil of Collective efforts in the pic above with Diamond D. Clan Destined rocked the Rawkus 50 showcase stage, repping the ATL beautifully. Then we have the fashion showcase. What can I say? I think I might have fallen in love with one of the models. Just don’t tell my wife that. Damn that lady was fine. It was dope, I mean, I’m not a sneaker kid like that. I do like fashion, but I’m not really into street-wear. I’m more of The Satorialist ilk.
I can’t deny the dopeness of that porion of the show, though. ATL’s Proton, B.o.B and Hollyweerd were the acts I caught on stage and they did their thing. Without a doubt you could still see that Hollyweerd has a little bit of tweaking to do with their live show, but they are still such a young group. They’ve been together for just a few months and alrady they have a potential ATL anthem in “weirdow”. They are doing it big. Proton also did their thing. They really had a good floor balance. One member on one side of the stage, the other interacting with the other side of the crowd. It was always obvious who was rapping, as well. They took command. You could see that they were vets with this thing as did B.o.B.
In my mind, the highlights of Friday night were The Juice Crew reunion and Blu’s set. Blu is my second favorite MC right now behind Jay Electronica. He simply was amazing. If you aren’t familar with his music, get familiar and do it in a hurry. This man is putting out music at the rate of Prince. In point of fact, he was SUPPOSED to perform with Ta’raach so they could do some music of their soon to be released LP under the name C.R.A.C Knuckles, which I am hearing great things about. Ta’raach didn’t make the trip. But Blu more than made up for that. Anytime a man can sell advances of his CD, give change and not miss a step lyrically while doing a live show, they gotta be dope. Back to the Juice Crew. Everyone was bummed that Big Daddy Kane fell ill and couldn’t make it. Some people were pissed that Kool G. Rap wasn’t coming or that Masta Ace missed the show, but will be in town for the EMC show at Lenny’s with ATL’s Mseize just a few weeks later in April. All that mattered to me was who DID show up. Roxanne Shante (thanks to buttafly_jones for this pic, btw) did her thizzle. I was so amped to see her, and of course Biz Markie held it down when he wasn’t forgetting lyrics. He getting old, family. Be easy. The shock of the show was not only did MC Shan kinda diss the ATL Hip Hop crowd by implying that all we listen to is crunk music when he was OBVIOUSLY at a Hip Hop show- but that Craig G brought out Killer Mike and Bonecrusher. That was crazy. Bonecrusher stole the show, of course. He literally showed his ass.

I’ll come back to talk about Saturday later. Again, I’m sick and I need to get some bed rest.


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  1. Adam said, on March 25, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    Hey man,

    Adam from Have You Heard here.

    I was reading through your entries, and you seem to be up on your stuff. If you ever have any tips on Atlanta hip hop talent we could have on the show send us a line.

    -Keep bloggin

  2. FireBrand said, on March 26, 2008 at 3:27 am

    Cool. we’ll do.

  3. Anonymous said, on March 26, 2008 at 11:31 am

    SO how was Saturday night..?

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