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New Orleans…another slept on Southern city in Hip Hop History.

Posted in Gregory D, Mannie Fresh, New Orleans All-stars video, New Orleans Hip Hop, Throwdown by Dom Brady on March 24, 2008

The birthplace of Jazz music’s Hip Hop scene has been about more than bling-bling for the better part of nearly 30 years with groups like the Show Boys as well as singles such as Throw Down. This unheralded history includes groups with major label deals going back to 1984. With MC’s like Gregory D that have ghostwritten for Top 40 Artists we won’t embarrass by naming here, the Hip Hop game has been bleeding the artistic side of New Orleans Hip Hop while giving the nod labels like Cash Money and No Limit for decades. Without a doubt, No Limit had beast-like MC’s repping The Big Easy like Fiend, Mia-X and Mystikal; the same can be said for Cash Money with Lil Wayne, Juvenile and DJ/Producer Mannie Fresh. But is that the entire story?

Gregory D & Mannie Fresh – “Throwdown” (1987)

Well that was then, this is now. With the flood waters of Hurricane Katrina forcing local talent out of the city and into new digs across the United States, the levee has broken; word is beginning to spread about the “other” Hip Hop scene in New Orleans. Hate them or love them, The Knux are making noise with their new(ish) video “Cappuccino” and Jay Electronica has simply taken the Hip Hop world by storm as evidenced with his URB magazine coverstory. Next up? Well, I’ll let you decide that. The content is certainly not what we are used to in the mainstream from the NOLA.


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