Welcome to my glorious mess.

I know I promised a review of the Weekend tonight

I’m going to have to break my promise. Don’t look at me like that. I’m sorry, y’all but I am TIRED. A-town day, El Bar on Thursday, A3C & Fuggin Awesome have WORN. ME. OUT. I don’t have any energy at all. Didn’t even have time to check out Janelle Monae and Tendaberry at Smith’s Olde Bar. What I do have, however are pics. Tomorrow I’ll edit the video I have, God Willing and post that as well. I have video of Yelawolf’s performance at Fuggin Awesome, I have video from ATL day featuring East-Atlanta Rock Band The Stereophones and Atlanta Hip Hop Band HEED performing live with assistance from the Tower High School Marching Band @ A-town day as well as video from A3C from the Juice Crew’s MC Shan, Roxanne Shante and Biz Markie. Should be fun stuff. Tonight I was supposed to swing by Apache Cafe to peak my head in the door for a second to check out Van Hunt’s show as well as see Contraverse at the Relaspe Theatre, but again…I’m tired. I have projects due in the morning, and I did very little work on them this weekend. In other words I’m in big trouble. It was worth it, though And I’d do it all again.

Here is the Flickr set of pics from AC3 2008. If you want, you can peruse the pics of ATL day too listed under my account there as well.

Thanks to DJ Hotsauce of SouthernStyle Dj’s for this footage. People talk about crunk like the old heads in that scene, etc don’t respect the culture. They are fools. I watched DJ Jelly recite EVERY verse from the Juice Crew.

Peace until tomorrow, family.


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