Welcome to my glorious mess.

I have no words, but if I did, they’d be ‘battery charger’

Posted in A3C Festival 2008 Pics, Juice Crew Reunites by Dom Brady on March 22, 2008

The unthinkable happened. No, I’m not talking about Big Daddy Kane and Masta Ace missing the Juice Crew Reunion @ The A3C Hip Hop fest in Atlanta. I’m talking about my camera battery going dead and me not being able to find my backup battery just before MC Shan came on Friday night. Oh, the horror. The indignity! Well, I did manage to catch MC Shan, Biz Markie and Roxanne Shante on my camera phone. I know, that sucks…but I am still coming bearing gifts, y’all. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth- they bite. I have hundreds of pics from Friday night’s shenanigans. All sorts of tomfoolery went on including Killer Mike showing up, Bonecrusher showing out and rumors of Jim Jones being kicked out of A3C. I don’t believe it, though. I need to have seen that with my own eyes. I did help spread the rumor, though. Why? Because it was funny, that’s why. Sue me. Or don’t. Or do, but you won’t get anything except an evil stare from my wife and my cats. Cats understand when the bowl goes empty. Ah, well without any further delay, A3C Hip Hop Fest 2008 Pics can be seen here . Peace. I’m TIRED.


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