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Posted in Dj Jelly 1996 Motel 6 mix, Wale ft Bun B Back in the Go-Go Download by Dom Brady on March 13, 2008

Well, let me kick this off with a reminder that ATL’s A3C Indie Hip Hop Festival is still on my mind. It’s maybe the best Hip Hop festival in the country. No lie. I can’t think of anyone putting together THIS many hip hop acts in a 3 day span. If y’all can, please let me know so I can fly out there. Secondly, his name is Wale- “you might know him from the rap” © Wale but you might also know him for being on the A3C festival performance list this year. The man just signed a major deal with Interscope records in combination with what looks like a production deal with Mark Ronson’s label Allido Records. Congrats to the man. He’s been on his hustle HARD. Here’s a link to his new single off the latest Wale Mixtape project courtesy of Nahright

Wale ft. Bun B & Pusha T – Back in The Go-Go

I’ve got another treat for y’all. Remember those classic 808-laiden sound from ATL’s DJ Jelly and his mixtapes of R&B songs circa the mid-90’s? Family. FAMILY. I still remember that thong song remix he had over that Drama beat. Man, this fool was serious. I know y’all also remember his classic Booty-shake/Bass Music tapes from even further back from that. Well, props to DJ Jelly and the fellas over at Southern Style DJ’s for dropping this slow jam gem on us…

Dj Jelly – Motel 6 (1996)

Now playing: Jay Electronica – Departure
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