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Back by popular demand: No Doze/ New Music

This week is pretty much all fusion-based acts. I don’t really know why that is. It just turned out that way for some reason. I think we’ll begin with ‘newly’ signed Star Trak artists Chester French. I’m not sure if Pharrell’s cosign means much in terms of financial success in the music industry (see: Kenna) but it might mean that your music is dope (see: Kenna). I stumbled across the name of this band a few times in the past year or so and paid them no mind until very recently. As chance would have it, I was friended by someone who had this band in their top 8. This time curiosity got the better of me and I decided to finally check them out. I was shocked by what I heard. It was retro, yes, but not in the Mark Ronson/Dap King/Amy Winehouse/Sharon Jones kind of way that we all know and love. This wasn’t Brit lo fi. This was…I’ll let you decide for yourself:

Chester FrenchShe Loves Everybody
There is a great deal of dance music floating around nowadays. Pitchfork, URB and other online and print publications like to take turns supporting who they think will be the next big act, the most cutting edge. It’s actually become funny to watch them bicker back and forth about who has the most clout in this regard. Somewhere in the middle of this fracas I came across a link for The Black Ghosts. I go through these phases where I’m into up-tempo music for about two or three months before I retreat into an audio enema of sorts with First wave Jamaican Ska, Rock steady and Reggae. I’m in one of those up-tempo moods now. I’m avoiding telling you much about the Black Ghosts because there isn’t much to say that an mp3 can’t explain. It’s good electronic music. Very dancebale. It’s not house-like or trance-like. It’s more in a techno vein. Yes. I am a black man and I listen to techno, on occasion. And what of it? Have a listen and decide for yourself:
The Black GhostsAny way you choose to give it

I was watching an XLR8R TV podcast interview when the name White Williams came up. Sandwiched between acts like The Velvet Underground (I won’t lie to you, I don’t know much about them. Shame on me) and former Velvet Underground member John Cale, I had to wonder who could be held in such high esteem. I decided to do some research, otherwise known as Google, to find out about this White Williams. It’s good stuff. I could get really fancy here and wow you with whimsical writing skills using words like texture and phrases such as post-_______ but I won’t. Why do all that when I have an mp3 handy? He covered I want candy. HEY! That rhymed!
White WilliamsI want Candy

And now we are back on familiar territory,friends. We are back in the A-town. I learned about Random Rabbit after I lost an e-argument on a message board I frequent. These hooligans were trying to tell me that there isn’t any Electronic music scene in Atlanta. Angered, I began to reel off all 2 of the acts I knew. I was embarrassed, of course. Here I am trying to rep for my city and I don’t even know any of the acts. Here’s what I do know: I know the Electronic scene, the Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, House, Soul and Drum & Bass scenes are, in fact, strong. I just don’t know the names of many of these acts. :o( So I again turned to my always eager research partner Google to look around for local performers when “BAM” © Emeril, I found Random Rabbit. Since then I’ve been listening to their myspace page at least once a day. I know they have a new release out but most of the music I’ve heard from them is from 2006.

Random RabbitGasping for air

Sean Falyon. He’s been making a name for himself since arriving in ATL from Philly. I can’t go anywhere without seeing the brother so I have no idea how he’s able to do all that he does. The man makes music, has a clothing line is touring with Bone Crusher… I’m exhausted just telling y’all what he’s been up to. He’s also dropped what I hear is a very dope album. I’ve only heard a few cuts, but from what I’ve heard it’s worth talking about. Let Bonecrusher tell it since Sean is part of that VainGlorious camp:

Last, but not least, is Judi Chicago. For years I’ve heard this name around Atlanta and had no idea who this woman was. Turns out Judi Chicago is not a woman. Yeah. Who knew, right? Judi Chicago is band that has shows that are…lol. How can I put this? This is a family program, right? They are eccentric. The music is just as colorful as their performances and it’s a gumbo of electonicfuckadelicdiscotomfoolery. I can’t explain it. Why are you forcing me to? Tell me what you think:

Judi ChicagoMad Ape


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