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So…my wife and I saw some cool stuff Thursday.

Posted in First Thursdays Downtown Art Stroll, Youth Art Connection Atlanta. by Dom Brady on March 7, 2008

It was a beautiful day and so we decided to go forward with our plans to attend First Thursday’s Art Walk Downtown and had a blast, again! It’s always alot of fun walking around and taking a look-see at new works. We’re both big fans of Paige Harvey (although we can’t afford her work right now, lol) and after months of visiting her lovely Downtown studio on Cone Street above the Sol Munki store, we finally got to meet her! She always has the loveliest wines, cheeses, and her studio is so dope. I mean, the furnishing is exquisite. I’d take pictures, but it’s worth seeing yourself in person. The highlight of the evening was easily the Youth Art Connection. I could not stop smiling. This program introduces children and teens from the inner city, most of which seem to hail from Old 4th Ward, to various forms of visual and digital art. These kids are so bright, so creative and so emersed in their work. It really was a joy to see. From claymation films to model design, installations and other media, these kids had it all going. I encourage people to go down there and see what they are doing. It’s beautiful to see these kids engaged in Art, in anything, really. When you think about the character molding, and the stories that these children will share how can one help but smile?
Another aspect of our evening that left an impression was the exhibit over at Georgia State. Not the Rialto exhibit. That was fine, but they are going to have to step their oderve game. Big time. Tap water, family? Come on. I know y’all still got some of that Lefty Driesell money over there at the OTHER GSU (Go Eagles, btw).
What I’m talking about was the photo exhibit that introduced ongoing works from several projects including: Dirtytruth.org, photosofthebeltline.org and reconstructingatlanta.com. Reconstructing Atlanta and Dirty truth both address political issues in the city ranging from blight to displacement. The photos of the beltline project includes some photos of scenes along the beltline from Atlanta-area college students. It was very interesting. The best food and the most intriguing works of the night go to the Atlanta Public library, though. Their exhibit which showcased Women in focus featured some really thought-provoking work from Female Photographers from around the Atlanta area. We saw some fabric prints that blew our mind. The food was also excellent. My wife was particularly excited by the lemon bars. She loves lemon bars.

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