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Another plate of Grits ‘n Gravy

Posted in Grits 'n Gravy mix Vol. 13.5 by Dom Brady on March 1, 2008

Same deal as always. These are songs I’m feeling right now with an emphasis on Southern or ATL artists. Sometimes I’m in an uptempo mood, sometimes I’m in a downtempo mood. In both cases and everything in between most of these songs are truncated to protect the artists as much as possible. The mix is also one track in order to protect artist’s property. Enjoy Grits ‘n Gravy Vol. 13.5

Grits n’ Gravy Vol. 13.5 by FireBrand

The Roots- Black’s Reconstruction
Nouveau Riche- Oh Lord
Yelawolf- Brown Sugar
Battery 5 ft P.Jae & HeadRoc- Cold
Politik- Mistaken
Knives Out- Fly Away
Rick Ross ft Tpain- Boss
Shareefa ft Jadakiss- Fire
Proton ft Muffy- Ready to Go (prod. Battery 5)
Sound Directionz ft Mad lib- Play Car
Poe- Fingertips
Malachi- Hustlin’ Boy
Jay Electronica- The Cauldron
Steve Aoki ft Kid Sister & Green Velvet- Shake and Pop
Ciara- Oh (Trackaemicks Remix)

TRT: 45:06

While I’m here, might as well post the other photo shoot for URB’s Cover shoot featuring Jay Electronica via the good folks over at Vimby.

Now playing: FireBrand – Grits ‘n Gravy Vol. 13.5


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