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It’s a Society affair…

Ah yes…giving away new stuff makes me happy. It makes me smile. You can’t see it, but I’m ear to ear with it right now. Why? Because Not only do have have the GREAT news that The Audubon Society’s mixtape is nearly complete or that they have exclusives from the likes of Stacy Epps, Kid Kaos (of Vintage Imperial) and MC J-mil (of the Collective Efforts Crew), but I’ve got some FREE & LEGAL goodies from the Y-Society and Wale. Some of you might remember Insight of the Y-society from his 2007 A3C performance here in Atlanta (he was the dude walking around pouring everyone very tasty fruit juices while free-stlying). For complete coverage of 2007’s Independant Hip Hop festival check out the videos, articles and mp3 coverage here at MP3.com. DC has been on it lately, haven’t they? All of a sudden we’re getting some noise from Mash Comp (of Dumhi), Tabi Bonney, Wale, and now Y-Society.

Maybe they see B-more getting love with this dance music craze and decided to get their halal hustle on. I’m not mad at those DC cats. Forever known for Go-go and the Potomac two step, DC is now joining the getting louder by the second noise makers from Baltimore and Virginia. The Middle East (Mid-Atlantic) hasn’t been this interesting since Saddam’s heyday. Today is DC hip hop appreciation, and we’ll kick it off with some free music from Wale and Y-Society. If you haven’t been checking this blog, then you’ve probably missed earlier offerings of Wale’s music. Shame on you. Luckily, I’m forgiving. We all deserve second and tertiary chances.

…On a programming note (ha!) remember to check out Dj Klever, Collective Efforts and Arrested Development Jan 24th at The Loft.

Download this treat from Damu and Y-Society and get caught up on Wale’s exploits while you stew in anticipation for the latest release from Atlanta’s own Audubon Society.

Y-Society Goodies

Wale – Ambassador of the Capital
Wale – 100 Miles and running
Wale – Hate is the new Love
Wale – Paint a Picture


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