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Crew Love

Posted in Crew Love Atlanta by Dom Brady on July 17, 2007

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t Crew love is a concept that really is in many ways overdue. I belive it’s the brainchild ofTaj Anwar (I could be very wrong on this, however). In my honest opinon, we don’t need one GIGANTIC, cohesive movement in ATL Hip Hop. It’s just impossible to have a scene and community of artists as large as ours to be effective or to serve each entity’s interests sufficiently that way. This is especially true when considering the different branches/offshoots of Hip Hop represented here in the city. What we DO need badly in ATL is for the beef to stop and for us to begin to respect each other irregardless of our differences. Crew love is all about bridging those gaps.

While it’s still limited in scope in terms of all the ATL crews, the concept is timely and it’s growing. Eventually we can hope to see full representation of Underground ATL hip hop. It would, however, be nice to see a love more inclusive of divergent sounds. For more pics please visit Automatic Classic’s Blog.

My take on this? I would love to support what they are doing more, but I work late on Thursdays so there is no way for me to attend.
I think that ATL is choc full of talent, obviously. ATL’s slept on scene is why I started this blog. I feel that certain groups and crews have always had the spotlight- and that’s fine. I also feel that in order for there to be growth a greater celebration of musical diversity coupled with a sense of quality control will need to be realized. There is room for SEVERAL true school promoters, crews, labels, movements. There is more than enough room for SEVERAL fusion,street, crunk, snap, and avante garde acts, promoters & movements as well. Let’s be honest. Most of Atlanta is clueless about the talent here. They just don’t know, but if they did they’d celebrate it like the rest of us.

Don’t get it twisted. In other cities, it’s not all sweet. Jay-Z wasn’t always chilling with Talib Kweli. Don’t think the “City too busy to hate” is the only area dealing with infighting. Just look at Slum Village’s song “Players” that was directed at D-12 back in the day. We’ll get where we need to be one day. It’s a work in progress.

Folk outside of The A like to forget that we’ve been making Hip Hop in Atlanta for just over 20 years. When you talk about the HISTORY of ATL’s Hip Hop scene with the likes of Mc Shy D, Y’all So Stupid, Another Bad Creation, Parental Advisory, Mass Influence, OutKast, Kriss Kross, Mad Drama, GooDie MoB, Lyrical Giants, King Edward J, Hemisphere, DJ Jelly, The Micranauts, Kilo, El Pus, Binkis Recs, etc…you’re talkin about ATL Hip Hop dating back to the Mid 80’s. There are movements, crews, alliances, sub-genres and history that all need to be respected. ALL of it-irregardless if it’s your “thing” or not.

Young cats on the street don’t need to think that Jeezy and T.I. created the Hip Hop scene in Atlanta. That’s an afront to everyone that came before them. It hurts the ATL scene, the ATL sound. Backpackers don’t need to think that Outkast was the first group with skills to garner National Acclaim- that would ACTUALLY be Lyrical Giants(An unsigned Hype with The Source back when the Source was reputable in the early to mid ’90’s)who was fronted by a hungry Bonecrusher before he went the “crunk” route. Purists don’t need to believe that The Micranauts and Mass Influence were the only cats SPITTING in the early ’90s. Parental Advisory was without a DOUBT on their game . We can’t forget the legacy of female pioneers such as Mad Drama either.

Crew Love is a step in the right direction of getting this rectified. What I would love to see is a scene like Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance where different movements pushed each other, congratulated each other, cosigned each other, and collabed with one another. Wouldn’t that be beautiful ? For more on Crew Love, and it’s movement check this video:


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