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Friday’s = No Doze/New Music

Posted in B.O.B Haterz, E*rock, Free Mp3, Gourds, No Doze, Notch, Obeah, Psyche Origami, video by Dom Brady on July 13, 2007

Notch isn’t really new. Remember Born Jamericans? I’d post an mp3 but all my Born Jamericans music is on Tape. Lol. Man I used to love that group. Well, the lil lightskinned dude? That’s Notch. He’s from a mixed heritage background with fam from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Portugal, and African Americans as well. Ain’t that a mixed bag? Well, he’s taken that cultural gumbo and applied it to his music. And it’s working. He’s had hits for the past few years with Reggaton releases. What’s funny is I rediscovered this artist driving down the street to work a few days ago. I turned on the radio and heard a dope dancehall riddim. I kept it on that station,and bam here comes some reggaeton on top of it. It was Notch. Never heard that sort of thing before, and that’s why he is starting off this No Doze for this week. Check it for yourself and see what you think. New Album is in stores NOW.

Notch- Ay Que Bueno

Based out of Austin, Gourds is a really intersting sound. I like Jimmy Buffett. Didn’t figure me for a parrot head? Well, I did matriculate at Georgia Southern University during the late ’90’s, people. You were’nt going to party and not eventually hear some Jimmy Buffett. This is just feel good stuff, man. When I put this on I feel like I should be either dancing on a dusty dance floor with a cold one in one hand and the waist of my lady in the other or dangerously keg standing on someone’s deck out back behind their 2nd floor apartment. WHY did we do shit like that, honestly? Because it was fun. Fun is what you’ll get with Gourds. If you turn your nose up to folky/rootsy damn near country inflected music this MIGHT not be for you. As for me and mine? We’ll be dancing in your stead. If you like what you hear they’ll be playing at Smith’s Old Bar in Atlanta tonight.

Gourds- How Will You Shine

Never heard of the label Audio Dregs? Neither did I until I stumbled upon this video on Cool Hunting. Cool Hunting has been a favorite site of mine for some time now (they are linked up in the blog roll). Always good for some new material, and E*rock is no exception. Enjoy.

You MIGHT have heard this cat on a few of my mixes. Obeah has been working with the likes of Social Espionage alot lately. This MC/DJ/musician has been on the scene here in ATLanta via Columbus, Georgia for a few years now, and he’s talented as you’ll see from the MP3 I’ll provide you. The Substance Theory Project he’s got going with Social Espionage shows some promise, and if you like raw hip hop you’ll probrably love this.

Obeah-Raw life (rework)

We’ve talked about B.O.B before, but never mentioned him in a No Doze segment. The man is Dope. He’s doing what shoulda been done along time ago. He’s spitting true over classic Southern Bass Beats. His style is accessible for party goers, and southern rap connoisseurs but without comprimising his flow. If you haven’t seen him mentioned in XXL, if you haven’t heard him on mixtapes such as his CLOUD 9 mix on DJ Smallz Southern Smoke series I seriously have to ask you where you’ve been. The song I’m going to share is getting some play here in Atlanta on mainstream radio. Please support artists like this that bring skill and artistry to the table. Call your local station and request “Haterz”! Remember. LISTEN to what he’s saying. Wes Fif isn’t the lyricist B.O.B is on this track, but he holds his own.

B.O.B- Haterz (feat.Wes Fif)

Lastly, we’ll close this with ATL’s Psyche Origami. Everyone in ATL has heard of this hip hop group. We know what they bring. They bring a GREAT live show, they bring two djs and one dope emcee. What trips me out is that with the critical success of Collective Efforts, IDD, and other Arc the Finger label mates how noone outside has never heard of Psyche Oragami. Let’s remedy that…


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