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Friday’s = No Doze/ New Music

Posted in Atlanta, Black Bird, Blame Game, Computer Jay, Mackintosh Braun, Mp3s, New Music by Dom Brady on July 6, 2007

Okay…we’re going to kick this off with Computer Jay this cat lays his head in L.A. and isn’t brand new per se. Wait. Did I just rhyme that? Anyway…he’s been around the block as a keyboardist for the Pharcyde. Y’all have heard of the Pharcyde, right? Well, this aint no Pharcyde sounding shit. It’s…computerish. Is that a word? Electronically based music that sounds damn near ambient. I’ll let y’all decide on what you think of it.

Computer Jay – “Maintainn
Mackintosh Braun. Interesting name. Interesting music. Hailing out of Portland, Oregon they remind me alot of The Postal Service. In fact (as indicated by my last.fm page) after giving their tracks a few more listens I was drawn to give The Postal Service a few more spins for a on the fly comparison. The heavier vocal presence distinguishes them, but the feel of the music is somewhat similar. In either case, I love it.

Mackintosh Braun- “The Sound

How I came about this last non-local artist is weird. I was going to talk about Animal Collective, but then I remembered I talked about them last month and it also occured to me that they aren’t that new at all. So here we have Blackbird. I actually ran across his page on myspace totally by chance. It was the 3 degrees of myspace separation thing. Weird. Then I played the music on his player. Weird. You’ll just have to make your own mind up about Blackbird because I still haven’t. This beat is banging, tho.

Blackbird- “Coke and Alcohol
It’s alot of interesting music going on in Atlanta right now. Blame Game is part of that. They’ve been doing their thing for a minute , but I imagine for alot of y’all who aren’t from Atlanta that you’ve never heard of them- unless you live in Brooklyn, NYC where the group has relocated to for recording. They do an intersting fusion of Rock. It’s hard to explain, so I won’t try.

Blame Game – “Slidin Highway

It’s sumin about Gorilla Zoe. It’s certainly not the lyrics. Must be the beats then, right? Well it’s PARTLY about the beats. When you talk about party music, you talk about a feel. I’m not going to pretend like Gorilla Zoe is a world beater lyrically. He certainly doesn’t come across as one on the tracks I’ve heard him on. Does he have his moments? Yes, but they are few and far between. What I DO like about this brother is his voice, style, and mic presence. That’s something you can’t teach. There are some lyrical MC’s out there that are boring. You won’t find that with Zoe. This is quality party music. Party music. You won’t find backpackers bumping this in their headphones. But I promise you that hood clubs and hipsters alike will be/are dropping it like it’s hot to his first single. Tell me I’m lying…

Gorilla Zoe- “Hood Niggaz
I know, I know. Isn’t this neo soul thing dead? Well, thankfully it isn’t, yet. Rising out of a tradition of India.Arie, Donnie, Alegebra, and many others Rahbi is here to stay. And it’s a good thing because I love some soul. Rahbi is a cat that I noticed last year. Couldn’t help it, really. For some reason fliers announcing his EP were all over the Mass Media Arts building and Library at Clark Atlanta University. Everywhere I went I ran into one. At that time I was up to my ears in soul and didn’t really pay him any mind. The man has some good music, family. Vocally he reminds me of Rashaan Patterson except he doesn’t go big like Rashaan Does. He’s making moves, tho. Pay attention to this brother. ATL’s soul scene never has been a joke. But don’t let me convince you. Judge for yourself…

Rahbi- ““Sistas and Brothers


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  1. […] No Doze was a new music segment I used to do before I started the Grits ‘n Gravy mixes which evolved into Analogue Atlanta. It’s been an evolution of finding cool artists that rarely get press here in Atlanta or on the web and posting their info to creating mixes with their music to interviewing them either online or in person. I respect artists and don’t want to give away their music for free so I feel that Analogue Atlanta and Extra Analogue is the best way to give you, my audience, a glimpse into who they are and what they do. As I’m starting to build relationships with more and more artists I might resurrect No Doze and GnG with cleared matieral […]

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