Welcome to my glorious mess.


That’s what went down on the eve of July 4th @ MJQ thanks to the Sloppy Seconds Anniversary jumpoff. It was crazy. Venue was packed out, DJ was on point. Drinks and flesh were strewn about the place. It was easy to catch Vertigo. Impossile to know which way was up or down. Thank God for The Midnight Socialite who happily documented the event with the ill photog. It was a party for the ages
Speaking of Debauchery you can expect more of it at the Jumpoff this Friday.
FUXKD is the Brainchild of Former F’in Socialite Ian Ford. On first Fridays FUKXD features none other than The Audubon Society.
The Audubon Society might be the most versatile DJ’s in Atlanta. Highly slept on, but not for much longer. Dj Variable and Mr. Mind will have y’all dropping it like it’s hot on the Dancefloor. Did I mention they have a special guest this Friday? None other than the Black Bill Gates. He might be the illest street DJ in Atlanta. I know y’all have seen BG on Rap City.
He’s got quite an extensive musical vocabulary. You might see him play just about anything, but I think you can bet on some of this:

More to come about this weekend tomorrow…


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