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Friday’s = No Doze/ New Music.

If you haven’t picked up the Lovework album by Gabriel Teodros, you’re missing out. It’s just good quality hip hop. This cat is out of Seattle Washington, and I don’t remember exactly how I got put onto him. I was looking for a mix on a random blog one day (as perusing blogs has become a favorite hobby of mine) and I saw an article on him. Ah yes, I remember now. I was looking for a mixtape of some old Felt (Murs & Slug), you know. I had to replace a jawn I was given at a party and never once listened to after I recently heard rave reviews of the mixtape. BAM. There was the Lovework album article with a few snippets. It’s not avant garde. It’s not MINDBLOWING lyricism. What Lovework is, however is just plain ole good music. BUY it.

Gabriel Teodros- “Beautiful”

I think we’ll stay on the Left Coast and talk about Blu. You know who Blu is, or at least you should. The very first entry on this blog was about Blu’s project Johnson & Johsnon replete with a video performance. If you haven’t picked up the Lifted EP, then chance are that you have no idea who this man is. He’s dope is all you need to know. Soulful hip at it’s finest but with a west coast flare.
You know what? I’m not going to try to convince you. Listen for yourself to this cut off the Lifted EP. Go cop that Below the Heavens album! Support quality Hip Hop!

Blu- “Soul Amazing”

I’ma be real typical here and talk about The Cool Kids. For real. I know what you are thinking. You’re thinking I’m riding the buzz. I am. And what of it? I like to party. These guys make party music and whats more is that they are funny as shit. “A little Bit Cooler” makes me laugh. On the real, alot of that hipster bass driven stuff is annoying to me. If I hear too much Uffie or Bennie Sings I am liable to tear my eyes out. It’s just not me. This shit got a swagger to it, tho. Plus they rock their fitted brims ATL style. Check out this video and see if I’m lying…And btw, they’ll be performing Live at MJQ for the Sloppy Seconds birthday bash July 3rd. Be there or be lame as shit.

Listen. Seems like Alot of y’all that come here for No Doze aren’t from Atlanta. Fine. I love it. That means I can put y’all onto some ATL music. Rising Sons is one of those groups I’d like to introduce you to. Day to Day, the 2006 album from Rising Sons could have been a classic. It would have been a classic had anybody heard it. When you hear the tracks off this album it doesn’t sound like some underground bullshit. It sounds polished, well thought out. The skits are hilarious, the intro is on some Big Rube shit with Sphinxx representing on the Spoken word tip. Here’s my ultimate compass with the shit. My wife literally stole the album from me and took it to work so she could enjoy it on her lunch breaks. It’s that good. Listen to this jawn they did with Da Backwudz

Rising Sons-“In and Out”

For the life of me I can’t understand why more people don’t know who Social Espionage is. EVERY time I’ve seen them take the stage they’ve blown people away. The first time I saw them was at the 2006 A3C. It was the end of the night.
Everyone was ready to head for the doors. Unannounced, it seemed, comes this ill Daft Punk sample and a lil blonde headed kid starts belting out staccato braggadocio into the microphone. It caught all of us off gaurd. I turned around and looked at my friends and we all shared a collective WTF moment. The music was dope, the prescence was there. You could hear the murmur of people asking “Who is this band?” I had to buy the album right there and then. I was compelled to book them for NorthernArc’s Darien Brockington/Nicolay/Tanya Morgan show as well. I HAD to. I didn’t have a choice. My spirit would not let me leave without speaking with them. Well, it’s been a year since then and they had the same effect on the audience at the Darien Brockington show as well as anywhere else I see them perform. They simply KEEP TAKING FOLKS BY SUPRISE. Fuck that. I’ma spread the Gospel. This group is hot. They got a nice band, they do their think really crisp at shows, and they are just overall good dudes. They never get mad at me for missing their shows because I work nights. I think what gets more more than anything is their range. They do alot of different kinds of music. They can go from some Linkin Park shit to some Collective Efforts shit seamlessly.

Meet the new kid on the block. Spree Wilson is one of the most talented cats I have the pleasure of knowing. What instrument Doesn’t he play? What style is he not familar with, what genre? The dude is under the radar still, but that is by design. He has a new mixtape and album soon coming working with heavy hitters such as former Rawkus artist and current D.A.R.P producer Novel, and frequent collaborator with Chicago Rapper Common, No I.D. Do I need to tell you how serious this cat is? There aren’t many that can take you from a Beatles sound to Stax Records, and THEN to the Native Toungues. There just aren’t that many artists left out there are are true artists. You aint up on him?
Okay, let me help you with that.

Spree Wilson- “It was all a Dream”


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