Welcome to my glorious mess.

Friday’s= No Doze/New Music.

Clutchy? I think his myspace url states the question on my mind right sucintly…Who is clutchy Hopkins?
I got no clue. None. I’ve scoured the internet and the only thing I found is that noone knows who he is. There are rumors. There are tales, there is fiction. There are no cold hard indisputable facts about Clutchy other than he is Dope.
Right here is usually where I share one mp3 with y’all, but seeing as I did that yesterday with his take on UGK’s “International Players Anthem”, I aint fittna do that again. Buy the album.

I already know what you are going to say. Don’t say it. Don’t even think it. I’ma speak on what I like, dammit and this new T-pain album, I like.
Why? Call me crazy, but I’ma southern boy. This album reminds me of some of the Bass’n B music made so popular by the So So Def All Star albums of the early ’90’s. My wife and I were exiting Qtime over on Ralph David Abernathy before it turns into Cascade road and curiousity got the better of me. I haven’t been into Big Oomp records for a long time, and I decided to check up on what my homeboi from College The Black Bill Gates might have out right now. When we walk in, the DJ plays T-pain’s “Bartender”and it was on. I mean, my girl got that sway in her hips going, I started to two step right there and I had to ask who/what they were playing. Y’all know I don’t listen to the radio so I came off looking like a lame not knowing that was Tpain’s new shit. I listened to the album today as my Last.fm page will tell y’all…Dawg. I like it alot. Big up to mister Tigallo Pain (c) Phonte from Little Brother (who by the way will be in town on Saturday and again on Wednesday for the Scion Jawn). Lol. I really do like this record and it took a random occurance like this for me to give it a chance.

Try as I might, I’m no music critic. Actually, I’m not going to front. I don’t try to be a music critic. Looking for flaws in music is not fun, not my forte. Recognizing this, I’m not certain what to call this music. It’s just good. Kathy Diamond is just another UK import I’ve fallen in love with musically and like the Lo Fi, Grime, and Quantic-esque music before her I’m simply blown away with the beauty of it. The soul of it. I think the best way to describe this music to you is for you to hear it yourself…Kathy Diamond- “Between The Lines”

I like new shit. I like to be suprised. When I came across this Stockholm Jazz Beat Project album I didn’t expect much. I never really heard of them. Then I pressed play and the CD hasn’t stopped spinning. I’ve been playing this in the car more than anything else. It’s one of those albums you want to ride to. It’s good Jazz, it’s good fusion. It’s Divine. Stockholm Jazz Beat Project- “Divine”. By the way, don’t get caught up in this track thinking it’s indicative of the album. It’s not. It’s more soulful than jazzy, but it’s still one of my favorite tracks.

And now for ATLANTA. I guess T-pain being from Tallahasee doesn’t allow him to count as an ATL artist even though he spends alot of time here and is on a label based here in Atlanta, Akon’s Konvict Music. Well dammit this is MY blog and I do as I damned well please so I’ma break my OWN rules and count him as an ATL artist anyway. I’m tired, dammit. I want to go snuggle up next to wifey. Have you heard of Anthony David? Sure you have. Well it just so happens that this next artist wrote “Georgia Peach”. That’s one of my favorite songs from Mr. David. This Artist has also written for Sleepy Brown. In fact, I’ll stop with the trivia. Ed Garnesdid a nice write up on Coup De Ville Theory. I’ve been in love with this man’s limited myspace offerings for about a year. Coup De Ville Theory- “’82 Malibu”This is some sit on the front porch with a sweet tea and a soft breeze shit.

You haven’t heard of Eugene IV (Eugene the fourth)? Maybe you have and you just haven’t realized it. I mean the man has performed with the likes of Shawn J. Period, worked with ATL House/Soul/Bossa band Jiva, and just a few weeks ago I saw him at a show at Apache Cafe (Again, shout out to J Sevens and what those folks are doing over there) playing with Aloe Blacc, Buff1 and ATL’s own Dillon Maurer. What a show. What. A. Show. Unfortunatley I don’t have any tracks from Eugene. I didn’t buy the album as of yet. What you should know is that he has positive lyrics, and although he does mention God alot, I don’t think he’s overbearing with it. As a Muslim I know I wasn’t offended. Great, great music. The man plays sax live at his shows too. A live band and the whole 9 yards. If you get a chance to see him perform, make sure you do that.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Bedtime for the FireBrand. I got Jummah in a few hours. I need it. I’ma bad, bad man. But y’all already knew that.


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