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It’s Free mix Wednesday’s!

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on June 20, 2007

I. AM. NOT. A. DJ. I might not even have incredibly discerning tastes, but I still like to put together mixes from time to time if nothing else than for something new to listen to in the car.

I’ve been calling these mixes Grit’s ‘n Gravy because it normally features alot of Southern Artists or Atlanta Artists as well as stuff I have been listening to recently.

I like to be as eclectic as possible. It throws some people off, turns others on. *shrugs* It’s fun. I also procrastinated on this so it’s kind of thrown together. These blends is sloppy as shit- non existent, even. If you can’t stomach this mix at all, here is a prior Grit’s ‘n Gravy for your trouble.

Anyways, here’s today’s playlist: (tried not to play songs I offer for download, but one might have snuck in there):

Grits ‘n Gravy 6 (?)

Bob James/Lo Borges- Weird Intro Thingy I did
T-pain Ft Akon- “Bartender”
Cool Breeze featuring the Dungeon Family- “Watch for the Hook”
Felt- “Rick James”
4Hero ft Jack Davey- “Take My Time”
Qtip as Kamaal the Abstract- “A million times”
Mos Def- “A ha”
Dreamer ft Fonzworth Bentley- “Bowtie”
Vanessa Marquez ft Justin Timberlake- “Want you to Know”
Kay ft Starchy Arch- “Ms Jones”
Buff1- “Slick”
The Knife- “Neon”
Santogold- “Creator”
Field Mob- “I Hate You”
Pete Philly & Prerequsite – “Amazed”(Seiji remix)
Sleepy Brown ft Backbone- “Don’t Stop”
Feist- “Honey Honey”
B.O.B ft Wes Fif- “Haterz”
Pharoahe Monch ft Showtime- “Push”


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