Welcome to my glorious mess.

Friday’s = No Doze/New Music.

Matthew Dear is dope. The first mixtape I ever made had an Audion (one of his known aliases) Track on it. This Texan living in Ann Arbor makes two Ann Arbor transplants I’ve talked about on this blog making good music (the other being Buff1). This single I’m making available for DOWNLOAD is called “Dog Days”. He made this back in 2003 and it reminds me alot of the Audion tracks I used to love. I’m not going to get into all of his aliases and his prolific body of work in such a short amount of time. That’s just too much work and I’m lazy. His newest release is called Asa Breed . What can do, however is leave you with this: Matthew Dear– “Dog Days

Okay, okay. Fine. I know it’s weird. I know *I* am weird. I’m a relatively young man, still in my 20’s. I’m a Jamaican-American and I don’t listen to alot of Dance-hall. Sue me. I was raised on a steady diet of Roots-Rock Reggae. In my family we broke bread in the morning with records of Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and of course Bob Marley spinning in the backdrop. I still gain sustenance from that sound. I love some Gregory Isaacs with my toasted breadfruit on a Saturday Morning waiting for My Dawgs come on the tube. Every now and again a Dance-hall artist like a Capelton comes along and changes it up for me. This time it’s Mavado. If you are into Dance-hall or Reggae and you haven’t heard this VP recording artist’s name ring out recently, you’ve prolly been under a rock. If you missed out on the mixtape prequel to his Album bearing the same name “Gangsta for life” you missed out. However… we still believe in seconds chances here at NorthernArc. You’re welcome. Buy the album.

Y’all heard of the Procsussions, right? Well damnit this ain’t about them. Okay, it sorta is. I wanna speak about this new mr. J Medeiros album “Of gods and girls”. It’s his solo debut, and I gotta say that it’s the hotness. It really is. I mean, as soon as I put the album on I was in love. In fact, allow me to help ya’ll share in the feeling. This is track #1 of the new album from mr. J Medeiros- “Amelie“.

Enough for out-of-towners. Let’s get back to the A. We’ve mentioned Le Castle Vania before on this blog. The man is doing his thing. Be sure to check him out at his Monthly Event over at the Drunken Unicorn on First Thursdays. The event is called Fuck Yesss, in case you were wondering. Dylan has an EP out, if you didn’t know. Here’s a track off of it. Le Castle Vania – “Tigertron

Real quick I’ma speak on a young cat by the name of Atypik. This Atlanta based artist is originally from the Bay area. I know y’all haven’t heard of him yet, but y’all might have seen him around. How did I run across him? We go to school together over at Clark Atlanta (CAU!). Yet another AU center artist, yes. This cat is talented, and he’ll be on the “Brew House” mixtape coming Late Summer from Dj Unknown. Can’t wait that long to hear new shit? Atypik – “Hold that pose“.

I’ma close this out with Jahi Kearse. I mentioned him last week when we talked about Days Ahead. This man is talented. We know how deep the Atlanta Soul scene is and this brother has been on his grind in that scene. You might have seen him perform with Donnie, you might have seen him perform solo but I promise you that if you are into Soul (Like I am) You’ve never seen him and been disappointed. Word on the street is that he’s got a Demo he’s shopping. Enjoy this little jam from him…
Jahi Keare – “You’re Beautiful“.

That ends our No Doze segment for the day. I MIGHT be back to talk about some events this weekend. Lots of parties. The F’in Socialites have Slush(Featuring Matt Roan) planned for Saturday, The Decatur Social Club has an event featuring The Glamour over in East Atlanta (I’m assuming) tonight. Can’t forget to mention that Dj Mafioso’s Sazon will be going down at Apache as well for those that want to get their dance on.


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