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Race relations in the ATL party scene.

Posted in 3 6 mafia, dj drama, piakhan by Dom Brady on June 13, 2007

Before we begin I think y’all should know this is abit of a rhetorical rant. You should also know that I’ve enclosed two mixtapes at the end of this rant…

So…is it a problem? Are we mixing enough? Do we get along as well as we’d like to think? Is it okay for partying and soicialization to be segregated? In my opinion I don’t see how any of it can be beneficial.What do you think? Do you think about these sort of things? I find it interesting that a black person could say to me that they wouldn’t want to attend an event because the black to white ratio wasn’t right. “Too many crackers” are over there. What kind of shit is that? And I’ve seen my white friends become uncomfortable when the ration unbalanced the other way or say the same kind of thing. “Isn’t that like a black show, or party or club?”, hell no. It’s just a club.

Why is that? It’s 2007, people. Get over that shit and have a good time.
People are so afraid to open up and be REAL in this city. I wonder why that is?
I think it’s getting alot better. But there are still the cavemen with old school limitations on what is acceptable for a party “ratio” or what music is acceptable to be played in the club. Get the fuck outta here with that.

DJ Drama & 3 6 mafia Mixtape
Piakhan Agua Vol. 1


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