Welcome to my glorious mess.

So this weekend was crazy…

Posted in Uncategorized by Dom Brady on June 11, 2007

The opening of Opera (The club formerly known as 1150)on Friday night… For pics check out The Midnight Socialite. Kai Alce at Apache Friday night as well…Saturday was wild. I honestly don’t know how I survived. Bbq at Dumpster Dive
Then the pool party in Buckhead that BP ‘n the Beatchefs threw. Yelawolf came thru there, and much booze and other substances were consumed…We skipped the Creative Loafing Beer fest and tried to make it to City of Ink for “24 reasons to live”. We didn’t make it. Variable was summoned to spin at Sloppy Seconds- THAT party was off the fucking chain too! I slipped out early to catch Buff1, Aloe Blacc, Dillon and Eugene IV @ Apache, tho and wow. I missed the early sets but Aloe Blacc was fucking amazing, fam. Eugene IV was doing his thing- he had the entire band there and it was dope.

My boy The Black Bill Gates had his bday jumpoff at Club Miami. Patron was overflowing, folks. I’m talkin like an inch of patron on the dancefloor

Went BACK to Sloppy Seconds and hung out for a taste. I mean, celebs was in the building as usual. After party thrown buy the Dumpster Dive DJ’s near Castleberry Hill. Shit was dope.

To close it out? ANOTHER pool party (salt water pool this time) over near Edgewood, and mad parties at clubs, etc of which I took part in NONE this sunday.

What did y’all do this weekend? I hope y’all weren’t at the crib.


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