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Heavy Mojo. I love these guys.

Posted in Free Mp3, Heavy Mojo, Radio Video, Streetz by Dom Brady on June 8, 2007

I did an interview for them on our NorthernArc site a few years back before we had our first crash (thanks porn bots!) and like a dumbass I didn’t back up my audio or save my text so the interview was totally lost. It’s funny. Because when I met B Dirty out at Greenbriar mall for the interview I really didn’t know who they were. I had an IDEA. El Pus had just dropped their new album, and I was really just understanding how deep the talent pool in Atlanta was when I ran across their myspace site. I kept calling ’em Danger Mojo. I know he was mad as shit. Prolly even more mad their interview got lost. lol. This is back in the day when Myspace was Friendster’s little sister. Well, times have changed…

3 years later here they are still doing their thing in a scene where we’ve witnessed alot of ATL acts come go, or just fade away. Looks like they just released a new video for “Radio” which is dope because I love that song. It reminds me alot of “Gangster” by B.O.B in that it shares the same subject matter. Noone more than ATL musicians know the pain of what it is to be marginalized by Big Media. I see y’all, fellas. Do your thing.

I’d feel weird if I didn’t include an MP3 for y’all so here is “Streetz” from Heavy Mojo. If I can somehow dig up that audio, I’ll post that shit later. Meanwhile, go cop that album, folks!


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