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Friday’s = No Doze/New Music

Posted in Atlanta Music, Days Ahead, Deep Cotton, Free Mp3, free music, Jax, Jewl Anguay, The Futurists by Dom Brady on June 8, 2007

What can you say? The man is hungry. Jax been making moves in the A since like ’97 and what a better way to celebrate his tenth year going strong in the A-town than with his 5th Solo album “Sharper Images“. This Queens, New York transplant has been making records and performing with Binkis Recs for a minute. For more on the history of Jax, Binkis and
interesting tidbits like how DJ Drama came up in their camp check out Mosi Reeves’ article in Atlanta Creative Loafing about the new project. There was a time when I felt like we need to push the old heads and the memory of that old scene out of the way to make room for the new artists. A reasonable person should have known better. I remember talking to a few brothers about this about a year ago and they gave me the gas face. I’ll take that L. That was a bad look. The truth is that Binkis is an integral part of the fabric that makes the art and music scene here in Atlanta. Without pioneers like Binkis, Lyrical Giants, P.A., Micronauts, Hemisphere, Mass Influnece, etc, there simply would not be a hip hop underground in Atlanta. Binkis is still involved performing at shows, showing support for artists new and old. You can’t go to a show or art event in Atlanta without running into these cats. ATL should be grateful for them, and show love every time one of these cats touch a mic. Show some love and go pick up “Sharper Images“.

Jax “J A Xperience

Well these cats are new on the scene. Apparantly they are still unsigned, but these cats are making moves. You can check for them at the Loft tomorrow night Saturday, June 9th. The Atlanta fusion/electronic/rock scene is really on fire of late with many bands landing on the scene- most of them are signed to Stickfigure Recordings. It will be interesting to see what The Futurists do in the up coming years.

The Futurists “One of us

Jewl Anguay is fine. I probrably need to stop mentioning this first when I’m bringing up female artists. I probrably also need to stop stating the obvious, but again, this is blog. MY blog. I’ma talk about it. This beauty is an artist on Cee-Lo’s new Radiculture label. Between her and Tori Alamaze? The man has got a solid start. When you hear her voice you just know. You know she will be a star. Just beautiful music. You can hear more of her music on her myspace page, but you know I couldn’t let y’all go without tasting a lil sample.

Jewl Anguay “I found you

Deep Cotton is signed to The Wondaland Arts Society. What is, who is the Wondaland Arts Society? I’d be lying if I said I know. What I can say is that Janelle Monae is an artist working with them, and that they do have a blog Well, whatever the hell it is they are doing, they need to keep on doing it and do MORE of it. I love their style, their swagger, their music. Deep Cotton is abit of an enigma for many right now, but if you check out this remix they did of “The Mighty O” off of Outkast’s Idlewild soundtrack you might begin to get an idea of what these cats are about.

Deep Cotton “At the Deep Cotton” (The “Mighty O” remix)

Days Ahead is dope. The Duo has been doing their thing for about 4 years now. But for some reason alot of folk have never heard of them. I keep getting people calling me and telling me about them as if they came out last week. I first saw them at Apache Cafe 2 or 3 years ago performing with another ATL talent Jahi Kearse. They were tremendous. Somehow this group has managed to fuse together Soul, Rock and Jazz seamlessly. Of course I’m going to give y’all a sample, but you really need to see them live so I thought I’d inlcude this youtube of them performing earlier this year at The 5 spot.

Days Ahead “Love is love


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  1. Anonymous said, on June 8, 2007 at 1:25 pm

    Binkis Recs is very creative and honest hip-hop music. I really dig their thick beats and energetic rhymes which have the creative power that today’s independent and underground hip-hop needs. I am also digging ‘Days Ahead,’ thanks for that You Tube video. I’m always looking for great new music. Also, for all you DJ’s and mixers out there, there’s a DJ and sneaker competition coming up. All you have to do is submit your original mixes and or sneaker designs to be apart of the battle. The Live Battles take place in Atlanta, DC, and Chicago, where DJ’s and sneaker artists will face off and reveal their skills. The celeb judges will include Kenzo, DJ Clark Kent, and many more. Also performing live will be Dice Raw from The Roots and Truck North. Check out the site for more details: http://www.yarisversusyaris.com I work with Toyota, so I’m just giving you a heads up. The competition will be in Atlanta this week, so keep an eye out. It’s going to be off the hook!

  2. FireBrand said, on June 8, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    Thanks for the heads up!

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