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Friday’s = No Doze/New Music

Wow. I got some dope shit for y’all this Friday, yo. It’s EARLY here. I just got back from the Collective Efforts/Floyd Da Locsmif/Supatition/Kaze/Audubon Society show over at the Earl earlier this morning…I missed the show :0(.

What can I say? Working nights sucks, man. Especially for weekday shows, but I love what I do, and I love the time shift I do it in so, fuck it.

I did have a chance to run into H20 (Of Mass influence, and Y’all so stupid…never heard of them? Get up on your ATL Hip hop history. Cats like these folks and Parental Advisory, Kilo, etc? They made it all possible).

I also met J Dilla’s Uncle. How cool is THAT!?! I hear he’s working with Dillon and H20 on some stuff. Well be still my fucking heart. I can’t wait to see what they got in store for us.

OKAY. Enough about my night. Let’s talk about that new-new. This week we gonna talk about Nerdkween who isn’t really a new artist, but dammit I’m pretty sure she’s new to you…We got Dillon, Neslee, and more…

I thik we’ll start off like we did last week- with the sole out-of-towner: The Smile Rays. Hailing out of North Florida, The Smile Rays are comprised of Bat Sauce on the beats, Therapy of the AB’s (formerly known as Asamov), and singer Daisey. Quite frankly this shit is ill. There is just no other way around it. As usual I’m not going to TELL you how to feel about the music. Judge for yourself. Big up to their being signed to Rawkus 50, btw. Do the damned thing.


Now that we got the formalities out of the way, let’s talk about ATLANTA. Tori Alamaze (pronounced Al-lah-mah-zay) is flames, family.

You’ve heard from this Radiculture signed artist- or at least her hit song “Don’t Cha” before. The only problem is that you heard the Pussy Cat Dolls singing it. Cee-lo sold the rights to the song to the long legged vixens but Tori made the song sing, shawty.

In case you haven’t heard, Cee-lo has a new label called Radiculture based here out of Atlanta, and she is just one of Radiculture’s new artists that we will be profiling in the coming weeks. She’s fine, she’s talented…she’s originally from Detroit, but we’ll forgive her for carpetbagging. Oh yeah, and she’s into…

Freaky Boys

Next up? This cat…Lmao. This cat is RAW. Neslee is just raw. I could go on and on, and speak on the brother but why? I’ll let him speak for him self since he does it so-so well.


Back to Soul music, tho. I’m sure you’ve heard of Keri Hilson or maybe you haven’t.

This Atlanta based singer is doing some really big things. I mean, she was on Diddy’s Press Play album. She was featured on Timbaland’s Shock Value (which might be a good or bad thing depending on which way the wind is blowing) morever, she’s just damn fine. This is becoming a recurring theme with ATL’s sultry sirens, they gorgeous. I mean what do you want me to do? LIE? Ignore it? This is a BLOG, son. I’m fittna be real as shit. She is damn beautiful. I honestly don’t know what kind of radio spins she is getting beacuse I don’t listen to the radio (I’ll give you my WCLK rant later) But in any case check her music. This song is featuring Snoop Dog…

Happy Juice

DILLON. (DY-LAWN) lol. Wow. This cat is good peoples. I mean, his energy is just like pure artistry. You have GOT to love Dillon.

Dillon is one half of the critically acclaimed Intellekt & Dirty Digits. These Florida Transplants were doing their thing last year getting artist of the week nods at SPIN MAGAZINE, and even finding love on Okayplayer.com getting 4 afros (which is a feat itself). Well, the group has dissolved and we are left with just good ole Dillon.

He’s blessed ATL already with a mixtape called Un-Cut. You can pick this up at his shows which are frequent or on his myspace. In fact, the next show is THIS UPCOMING SATURDAY over At Apache Cafe He’ll be playing with Euguene IV, Buff1 and Aloe Blacc What has to be appreciated about this mixtape is that Dillon did MOST of the production, scratching and nearly all of the MCing himself. It’s a great peice of work that includes earlier works with Therapy of Asamov/The Smilerays and The Audubon Society as well as Collective Efforts, etc….

It’s just a great flavor of music, check this choice cut-

Me, You, and a Bottle of Merlot

Man, Nerdkween aint really new, yo. This sista has been doing her thing in the A for a minute.

But aside from my Low-fi and Electronica heads, she’s new to nearly everyone I talk to so I decided to include her here. This jawn is a live recording. It speaks for itself.


Lastly, I’ma speak on Supreeme. Remember I mentioned them Last Friday as part of that art scene movement? Well, these cats have a more street sound than many of the artists in that scene. Shit is aiight, tho.

Check this jawn they got off last year’s album…

Supply and Demand

In point of fact, you can download their entire last album on their Website HERE.How kind of them!
And with that? I’ma holla at ya’ll later this evening, God willing. I got the weekend off this week so I can catch the Buff1, Aloe Blacc, Eugene IV, Dillon show.
I hope to see y’all there this upcoming saturday. Later today we gotta talk about how John Blaze this Pharoah Monch is, and talk about some more ATL music. I also want to delve into some stuff I seen in the news that is on my mind…



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